Welcome To Slovenia

Slovenia is one of the smallest and one of the greenest countries in Europe. Its incredible diversity allows all possible kinds of outdoor activities all year round. A wide karst region hosts the biggest tourist subterranean cave in Europe and several health springs made it one of the most popular spa regions (supreme quality hotels) of the EU.

Slovenia is a great destination for relaxing and all kinds of leisure: it is known for its pleasant climate: the sunny southern part of the Alps gives ideal conditions for growing of excellent wines, which has since centuries been combined with tasty foods.

Is small really beautiful? If you mean Slovenia – for sure! We warmly invite you to come and taste it.

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What Your Shower Says About You?

Did you know that where you live may play a major part in the type of shower that you are taking each day? It is true and not many people realize it. There are a variety of shower head types throughout the world and it seems that each type has an area that prefers that type of shower head over another. It is just another way to prove how different and yet alike we all are, regardless of where we live our lives.

The Hand Held Shower Head 

These shower heads are semi attached to the shower. You can hang them up so they spray down over you or you can hold the head in your hand and spray it where you want it. It makes getting clean easier for anyone who may have trouble standing upright for long enough to shower. It enables people to clean their shower and tub with ease. Many people have also discovered that even bathing their pets and kids much easier.Shower Heads Of Slovenia

These shower heads also enable people to enjoy a relaxing shower experience because most of the best handheld shower head options have different water spray settings for you to choose from. You can have a gentle misty shower, a pulsating shower, a heavy downpour, and more.

The people who call the country of Slovenia home enjoy their relaxing massage showers and all the other benefits of a hand held shower head. They have discovered the joys of it and they stand beside their decision to own these types of shower heads. However, if you take a trip to the Western Countries, you will discover less hand held showers, because of a new type of shower head.

The Ultimate Rain Shower Heads

Most people in the Western Countries tend to prefer taking a shower in the rain. The best rain shower head is usually either suspended from the ceiling or an arm that takes it out to about the middle of the shower where people stand. The head of the shower is often fairly large, either square or round in shape. Water simply pours from it naturally with only a little pressure to force water out of the holes in a satisfying spray.Slovenian Shower Hear

This type of shower is thought to be gentle and relaxing by the people who love them. They enjoy the warmth of a shower combined with the steady flow of a rain shower upon their heads. However, many people do choose to have both a regular or handheld shower along with the rain shower head. This enables them to have a variety of experiences all in one shower. The rain head may be more relaxing during a long hot shower and the other shower head may be better for the quick showers to start your day as you prepare for work.

What Does Your Shower Say about You?

Do you live in an area that favors one of these shower heads over another or do you live in an area that favors regular shower heads above all others? Perhaps in your home and the ones nearby, everyone enjoys the waterfall effect shower heads. Regardless, it is always fun to think about how different places enjoy different things, even when it is a decision that we make based on our showers.

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Should You Give Tricks Instead of Treats This Halloween?

HalloweentreatsBack in the day, kids were delighted to receive a roll of smarties or a dum dum when trick-or-treating in their neighborhood. But times have changed and, like everything else, so has Halloween. If you aren’t passing out king size candy bars then your house is being added straight to the “do not bother” list. King size candy bars aren’t cheap and they certainly aren’t healthy for the little rascals to be eating 10 candy bars in one sitting. That’s why it’s best to opt for the “trick” option. Hey, they asked for it, right? So this year, rather than dishing out cash you don’t have on candy you can’t afford for chubby kids that don’t need it, hand out tricks instead of treats.

  • • One way to trick those trick-or-treaters is to give them something unexpected. For example, when they hold out their bag expecting a handful of candy, drop in a half-eaten turkey sandwich. Or maybe even scoop a spoonful of tuna fish into their bag. You could also choose something less messy by offering a toothpick, lemon or even a can of green beans. Watch their perplexed faces as they realize what they just received.
  • • When you answer the door to your trick-or-treaters, wait for them to shout “trick or treat” and then ask them to pull your finger. That will send them running for dear life.
  • • Dress up in a creepy costume, such as a clown, scarecrow or Freddy Kreuger. Stand in the yard completely still until kids walk up the driveway and then jump out and chase them.
  • • Transform your yard into a haunted house. You will need some creepy Halloween music and outdoor speakers, such as the Bose Freespace 51 outdoor speakers or any other small outdoor speaker that blends into your landscape. Have real people dressed as characters from horror movies and a fog machine to really set the mood.
  • • Place a sign on your door that says “Out of treats, only tricks remaining. Knock if you dare”. See how many knocks you get.
  • • Put fake poo on your doorbell and watch their faces through the peephole when someone goes to ring it and thinks they got poo all over their hand.
  • • Put some creepy crawlers in a covered bowl and have them reach their hands in for a “treat” without looking inside. They may never ask for anything ever again.
  • • Write down funny demands on scraps of paper, and when they ask for a treat, let them pick a piece of paper out of the bowl. Have them say things like “you have to do the dishes every day for one month” or “you must clean all of the public toilets in town” or something creative like “you must eat one teaspoon of mustard for every piece of candy you eat”.
  • • Have a sign on your door saying things like “you must do the chicken dance for 1 piece of candy” or “do a headstand for 60 seconds for 2 pieces of candy”. Have a video camera ready for that one.
  • • Dress up as a dentist and hand out tooth brushes and dental floss.

While these tricks are sure to entertain you this Halloween and certainly save you some money, the kids may not be so thrilled with your take on “trick-or-treat”. In fact, you should probably be expecting a lot of toilet papering and egging of your house and vehicles in the coming months. You should probably go ahead and invest in a security camera so you can keep an eye on those hoodlums. Otherwise, just plan on sitting up every night camping near your front door so you can watch for perpetrators. On second thought, it’s probably easiest to just give them candy. Go ahead and extend your credit limit so you can stock up on king size Kit Kats and be the coolest trick-or-treating house in your neighborhood. You can do tricks next year.

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4 Things You Need For a Healthy Life

Fat: Without exceeding the normal limits, fats like protein, carbohydrates and essential nutrients is also essential for survival. In fact, according to the dietary reference by USDA, the body needs 20% to 35% calories from fat in order to sustain normal growth and development. Fats aid the synthesis of fat soluble vitamins – A, D, E, K and carotenoids. It also serves as cushion to various body organs. In addition, the fat is the most concentrated source of cell energy responsible in maintaining healthy cell membrane.

Meat, chicken, vegetables, butters, oil, fish, salad dressings are abundant sources of fats. The 3 types of fats are the saturated fat, unsaturated fat and trans sat. The saturated fat is commonly found in lard, cream and meat. Meanwhile the trans fat which is known to increase the risk for cardiovascular diseases can be acquired by taking baked products, fast food, fried foods. The healthiest form of fat can be found in vegetables, fruits, olive and nuts. This fat is known to decrease the risk of developing life-threatening heart disease. Every gram of fat provides 9 calories.Cleaneating


The body requires large amounts of carbohydrates because it provides simple sugar which will be converted to blood glucose and energy for cells. Around 45% to 65% of the overall caloric requirements should come from carbohydrates. Remember that all cells require glucose for energy. The vital organs such as the kidneys and the heart will not function efficiently without sufficient amount of energy. Fiber is also a type of carbohydrates which aid cleansing of gastrointestinal tract especially in passing out waste outside the body.


Besides macronutrients, the body also needs 6 to 8 glasses or 1440 ml up to 2 liters of water every day along with vitamin, and minerals. Bear in mind that a healthy kidney at rest has maximum 800ml to 1liter fluid threshold and lesser when in a state of stress like when you are involved in vigorous sport or exercise. This means that even if you are required 2L of water every day, you can’t drink more than 800ml of water in one hour as not to compromise healthy kidney function.

Simple and Easy Exercises

Proper nutrition should be paired with exercise regimen. You don’t need to go to the gym to get the shape you wanted. Simple dance exercise like zumba can help burn excess fats. A 30 minute aerobic exercise with a specialized hybrid bike helps a lot to maintain good blood circulation. Watch instructional videos from YouTube or purchase DVDs and CDs for this purpose. Thirty to 45 minute walk around the neighborhood can burn up to 150 calories. Likewise, you can include sit-ups and pull-ups to increase your muscle strength.

The key to successful exercise plans is doing what you love to do. You can invite few friends to join you as you jog around the park or why not propose a healthy lifestyle program with your husband. Look at the best hybrid bikes for men to suit your needs. It’s good to walk near the beach chatting about the future or simply swimming your stress out. A strong support is also essentially when you are just starting a diet and weight program. When you get used to it, you’ll realize that it’s already a part of your life.

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The Different Elements of Music

Music is the expression of the soul. It has evolved long time ago since the beginning of mankind. The sweet blend of music lyrics, melody and rhythm can possibly bring back good and sad times in our memories. It soothes and makes our minds reflect on so many things.
It could be one time or more that we feel like writing our own music piece with the right notes. So let’s get started and learn the basics. Foremost, it is essential to define important terms. When it comes to music, we often hear about duration, pitch and range. All these refer to the elements of music.
When one speaks of duration in music
Duration refers to the length of note. It is used to describe the change of notes from slow to fast. To understand more, you should be able to note down time signature, tempo, beat and phrasing. The length of notes refers whether the notes are long or short.


The rise and fall of music tunes refer to the pitch. Looking into the music sheet, it will simply tell us how high notes can be placed on higher lines and vice versa. You are probably familiar of the note letters – C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C which is also translated as Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Ti, Do. The universal expression or language of these notes can be written through the staff.


Melody is often associated to rhythm. Looking closely enough, these terms differ. Melody refers to tune while rhythm describes the beat.

The Music Structure

The music structure shows how the overall musical piece is arranged.


Texture is known in layman’s term as blend. It is how the melody and rhythm is combined in a specific musical piece.

The Significance Music Elements

A piece of music is defined with its elements. Technicalities can easily be described using elements of music. The elements differentiate one type of music to the other. People define products with specifications and music with elements. This serves as sort of composer’s kit. All the elements of music can be heard through the best noise cancelling headphones. Without enough knowledge about music elements, is like building a house without foundation.

It could be that you have decided to learn more about music. How about learning the basics on reading the music sheet?

The Staff Notation

Notes are written on the lines and spaces of the staff. Designated position and note represents varying musical pitches. Music notes require more than 5 lines of the staff. The imaginary lines above and below the staff is called the ledger lines. Since it would be difficult to identify the lines and spaces using a ledger lines this clef symbols are there. There are 2 common clefs: the treble clef and the bass clef. The treble clef or the G clef is the note on the second line from the bottom of the staff. From here, one can start writing notes backward – G, F, E, D, C, B, A. On the other hand, the bass clef or the C clef has 2 dots above the second line from the top.

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